9 September 2013


Had a call this week from a customer whose ISP had detected malicious internet traffic emanating from their computer.

Turned out to be a 'keyboard watching' virus which monitors what is typed into the computer keyboard with the intention of capturing, say, banking information.

Customer did have antivirus software installed but the problem went undetected. How could this be?

When it comes to antivirus packages, one generally gets ones moneys'worth - especially with the free versions which is what the customer had installed.

Free antivirus is actually not bad at catching infections before they get into the PC - but not 100% as this incident demonstrated. More importantly, they don't normally spot bad traffic emanating from the computer. A decent paid product would have spotted (and blocked) this right away.

A222 were able to remove the infection. Customer, luckily, just had to change a few passwords and check his bank statements. It could have been a lot worse (and expensive).

Whether it's a single laptop or an office network, we can help with your computer security.

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