9 June 2014

Bring out ye dead!

Old and dead computers are a problem. People worry about throwing them out because of personal or confidential data which they contain.
A222 can help.
So, what do we do with your old computer?
Firstly, all data is removed. If you need that data then it can be returned to you on some form of media or even loaded back on to one of your other computers. Alternatively we can retain it in our archives for you for a finite or infinite time.
The equipment is inspected and one of three things happens to each item.
Anything salvagable and of value is sold and the proceeds split - so you may get something back!
Working items with no commercial value are usually passed to a charity which provides computers for schools in Sri Lanka.
Whatever remains is properly disposed of via licensed or council recycling facilities.
So if your PC or laptop is on its last legs we can give it a safe secure send-off, find the best green solution, and maybe get you some cash back in the process.
Call us on 020 8 662 1124 or email to mail@a222.net

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