17 December 2015

Beware of Guru Aid

I've recently acquired two customers who had been scammed.

One wanted help uninstalling Norton antivirus, the other needed assistance with a Window 7 problem.

Both did a Google search for the relevant support and up popped a paid listing for a company called Guru Aid who offered the relevant support and a toll free (0800) number.

On entry to the site one is offered "independent technical support" but I suspect people don't actually notice this as they think they've come through to the official site for Mcafee, Microsoft, Norton or whoever.

Both clients experienced problems afterwards.

I am continuing my investigation but strongly recommend that you do NOT use this company. 

3 July 2015

Cubby - uploading files and creating links.

CUBBY IS NO LONGER OPERATIONAL. This post will be updated with a similar product

Sending large files via email can be troublesome. Here's a method to get around it.

Go to www.cubby.com

First you will need to open an account. Low volume accounts are free!

Click Log In then go to sign up.

Enter your email address and a password. You will get sent a notification email but this can be dealt with later.

You'll now be presented with a fairly empty screen with a link top/mid left saying new cubby.

Follow that link and enter a name for the 'cubby', This is up to you, e.g. "reports" or "camera-pictures" or "xmas" or whatever. For this example we shall call it "brochures"

Once you've created the Cubby then you can upload files.

Your new Cubby will appear on the list. Click on brochures and you will see any empty list.

Now, click the upload link and choose a file or files which you want to upload.

Tip! Avoid uploading Word .doc or .docx files. Some people cannot access the former and quite a few cannot read the latter. Best to convert to .pdf format first. There are plenty of free conversion programs and some versions of MS Office can do a 'save as PDF' anyway.


Once you've uploaded the file will be listed, you can create a link to the file, do this as follows.
Right-click on the file and select "link".

You'll get a screen which looks like this:

Click the copy link & close. You can now paste that link into an email. The recipient will be able to click on the link and download the file.

You can then add this into an email.e.g:

For our latest brochure please visit: https://www.cubbyusercontent.com/pli/example.pdf/_31d33392b1074c738d5e1f825b37d904

or for a more sophisticated approach:

Please see our latest brochure.


Very similar to above. Click on cubbies (toppish-left). Right click on brochures then select "link" and proceed as above. Only difference is that the link will give access to all the files in the Cubby.

17 April 2015

Google Apps Sync to Outlook - check your version

There are some changes to Google over the weekend of 18th/19th April 2015.

For anybody using Google sync to Outlook the program version needs to be checked.

If you are unsure whether you use this program, then if you are

(a) using Gmail/Google hosted email and
(b) accessing said email via Outlook

then you ARE using this application.

To check:

With Outlook running, look in the bottom right tray for the Google Sync icon which looks like

Windows 7 users may need to click the up-arrow at left of the tray. Windows XP users may need to extend the tray to the left.

Right-click on the icon then left-click on About.

If it shows version 3.7..395.1040 or later then you should be OK. If it shows an earlier version then please contact us for advice on support@a222.co.uk

20 January 2015

Windows 8 - stop the swipe

You may well have come across (and possibly been infuriated by) the 'swipe' feature in Windows 8 where you make an everyday sweeping mouse movement and get flipped to another window.

Good news : you can turn off this feature.

First get to the Control Panel. Windows 8 does not, of course, make this easy or obvious for you but:

Right click on the 'Start' button (bottom left) then select Control Panel.

then go to Mouse

pick the top right tab Device Settings

highlight the (usually) only entry

click Settings

uncheck Enable edge swipes

click OK

Close the various Control Panel windows and you are all done!