17 April 2015

Google Apps Sync to Outlook - check your version

There are some changes to Google over the weekend of 18th/19th April 2015.

For anybody using Google sync to Outlook the program version needs to be checked.

If you are unsure whether you use this program, then if you are

(a) using Gmail/Google hosted email and
(b) accessing said email via Outlook

then you ARE using this application.

To check:

With Outlook running, look in the bottom right tray for the Google Sync icon which looks like

Windows 7 users may need to click the up-arrow at left of the tray. Windows XP users may need to extend the tray to the left.

Right-click on the icon then left-click on About.

If it shows version 3.7..395.1040 or later then you should be OK. If it shows an earlier version then please contact us for advice on support@a222.co.uk

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