25 January 2017

ESET licencing and set up.

If you've been running a Trial version of ESET this how to complete the set up.


Locate the ESET icon in the tray (bottom right) and double click.

Click Active Full Product

Enter or paste the product key and click Activate


ESET does not actually automatically schedule a regular scan for viruses. To effect this:

Open ESET as above.

Select Tools

Look for a tool called Scheduler. If none is present then click More Tools

Select Scheduler then Add Task and enter data as follows:

Task name : weekly
Task type : On demand computer scan
Enabled : (tick)

Press Next then:

Schedule task to run: Weekly
Skip task when running on battery power: (tick)

Press Next then:

Time of task execution: A time when computer is going to be quiet. 03:00:00 is recommended. If the computer is not turned on the scan will run when it is turned on again.

Run the task on the following days: Choose a day to suit.

Press Next then:

If task is skipped the next run should occur: as soon as possible.

Press Next then:

Tick the box "This PC"

The OK.

Your weekly scan is now set up.

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