30 October 2017

Open Broadcaster

Download from https://obsproject.com/

The RealSense option is only for Real Sense cameras.

Once running, try the Auto Configuration Wizard.

If it asks things you don't understand then cancel it and go to manual. Nothing is lost.

To get started you need to define a scene and name it.

Media input can be selected from a variety of sources.

Audio input capture picks up from a microphone such as the built in laptop one (proved to work).

Video capture device is probably  webcam (not able to test)

Windows Capture is pretty need. It looks at each current browser window and quite a few programs (even Excel) and lets you pick one as a recording source. Works with Youtube and even with BBC iPlayer PC app.

Sound fidelity is not great.

Static web pages can be captured. It is also possible to browse through a series of webpages and do a voice over.

To record, assemble the desired sources and press Start Recording. Continue until done and hit Stop Recording (there is no Pause!).

File - Show Recordings takes you to the standard Videos folder on your computer. Files are stored in .FLV format and can be played by VLC player and probably a variety of other players.

Each Start creates a new file,


Not yet tested


Not yet tested.

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