16 March 2018

Google Calendar notifications - turn sound off/on

There is no obvious way to turn off the sound on Google Calendar notifications.

Hitting the cog on the notification itself leads nowhere.

To solve:

Go to calendar.google.com

Find the calendar on the list.

Hover over it to get the three dots

Click the dots then Settings and Sharings



and toggle the Play Notification Sounds box

10 March 2018

Gmail hangs when opening in Chrome

Hangs in Chrome, fine in Firefox.

To fix:

Open Chrome (if not already open)
Close the offending Gmail tab.
Go to History (ctrl-h)
Select Clear Browsing History
from the profferrd list select:

  • Browsing history
  • Downloaded files.
  • Cached images and files
  • Hosted app data
Do not clear cookies, password etc.. Cookies are not at the root of this problem.

Your Gmail should then work OK.

1 March 2018

High print spooler CPU

Reported incident print spooler running at 49%

To remedy:

Stopped service.
Checked for detritus in
Cleared all files
Restarted service.

All now good.

Fix applies Win 7 and 10.